A sustainable Destination
A Goal In Common
The Association of Hotels and Motels Huatulco is a tireless promoter of the system for the development of this destination and the state of Oaxaca. It works to abate problems that affect the community and to maintain a close and cordial communication with the population of Huatulco.
Be the representative body of formal hospitality of Huatulco, which represents and defends the interests and needs of its members and is dedicated to promoting tourism at the destination and its partner hotels, and to contribute to the sustained economic growth and social welfare of Huatulco.
Integrated Plan World Class
Our Commitment
The Association of Hotels and Motels Huatulco represents and defends the interests and opinions of the hotel industry in Huatulco, while maintaining a close and constant contact with federal, state and municipal authorities, airlines, and all kinds of agencies and private companies.

Our commitment extends to providing advice to each of its partners, while supporting them individually in any problem or special issue in which a member may request the presence of the Association.

In addition, the Association and its partner hotels collaborate actively with the Green Team Huatulco towards the sustainable development of this destination, for the annual EarthCheck certification as a sustainable resort community, and in the program Carbon-Neutral Huatulco.
Benefits Members
The Association of Hotels and Motels Huatulco is part of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels, through which our partners are benefiting from attractive and advantageous agreements signed by companies and institutions such as TELMEX, Interjet, and Sherman Williams, among others.

In turn, the Association works with the Oaxaca State Bureau of Conventions and Visitors, the City, the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels, and other public and private institutions to provide a range of training courses, seminars and conferences which are completely focused on the hotel industry, for employees and executives at all levels.

The administrative office of the Association, under the supervision of its Executive Board, keeps all its partners informed of the events and issues that affect tourism and hotel business in Huatulco.

Also, this office is responsible for keeping statistics, for providing general and specific information about the partner hotels, of their services and fees, as well as the attractions and activities of the destination, for all those who request it, among many other tasks.
The Association promotes its partner hotels through promotional materials, such as directories, brochures, guidebooks, fee schedules, interactive DVDs, videos, and more. It also promotes the destination and its members at tradeshows, blitz visits to travel agencies, tourism fairs, and national and international interviews to various media
The Association manages plans and programs with regard to government institutions at state and federal levels, such as the Federal Secretary of Tourism, FONATUR, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, to attain their support for Huatulco and the Coastal region in order to be one of the top beach destinations of Mexico.
One of the main promotional tools for Huatulco and its partner hotels is through the website of the Association. A place characterized by its fresh and current image with comprehensive information, a directory, a section for upcoming events, etc., where each partner has its own section. The use of this tool is free of charge for members.
Since 2002, the Association is affiliated with the Mexican Hotel and Motel Association, an institution with 100 branches throughout the Republic and more than 4,000 affiliated businesses. This alliance strengthens relations with similar organizations around the world and provides access to the support and services of the leading organization in the national hotel industry.
28 Years Experience
Founded in 1988 as the Association of Hotels of Huatulco, A.C., it began his work with the firm intention of promoting the development of tourism in Bahías de Huatulco. Since then its growth in the number of partners, its quality, activities, and prestige have established the association as a brand and a model of strategic business in Oaxaca.
Executive Board2018
Hugo Giacomo Buila Durazzo President
Philippe Filhol Perondi Vicepresident
Víctor Hugo Martínez Orozco Treasurer
Talina Guadalupe Carreño Sánchez Secretary
Leticia González Chávez Coord. Human Resources and
Cultural and Sports Activities
Angélica Angón Cano Coord. Sustainability and
Social Responsability
A Bit of Our History
Our Partners
Since its foundation, new members have joined the Association who have strengthened its internal activities and structure. Currently there are 24 active partner hotels which fall into the 3-5 star category, offering a service of guaranteed quality
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